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A love for filmmaking

and passion for teaching 

emerging storytellers.

Cinematography Class
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Course Description:

A hands-on learning experience working with digital cinema cameras covering techniques used to paint motion picture images including lighting, exposure, color theory, composition, lenses, filtration, depth-of-field, and shot design.

Video Sample:

For the last class of the semester Amanda Ayala from Team Adam on NBC's The Voice stopped by the studio to perform live sets. Students put their semester of learning to the test as they filmed the live performance utilizing a three camera multi-camera setup including dolly and jib operation.  Students lit the entire performance using studio lights and lighting board.     


Course Description:

An introduction to the three stages of production and the applied skills of screenwriting, pre-production planning/management, camera operation, lighting, audio, editing, and delivery. 

Video Sample:

This remake of a scene from the feature The Hunger Games is an in-class project where students learn how to breakdown all elements of production and aim to recreate them as close as possible to the original.   Students received a detailed look into scripting, storyboarding, set design, art direction, wardrobe, makeup, camera, audio, lighting, and editing.  Learning both the principles of filmmaking and the technical skills to deliver and match each frame, students leave with a strong foundation to build upon their filmmaking skillset.  



Course Description:

An in-depth study of lighting fundamentals, equipment, on-set procedures, theory and the applications that have come to shape the art of cinematography.

Video Sample:

The production was developed as students learned about the different styles and applications of feature film lighting. Each week a different scene was chosen by students and the lighting setup was created and filmed.  Each lighting setup was accomplished during a 3 hour class period.   The course covered both studio and location lighting applications.  It covered practical lighting, poor man's process, green screen, candle lit scenes, and more.   

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